Nyaasahcare | We provide Elder Care Services to senior citizens
Nyaasahcare | We provide parenting Services to senior citizens, Parent1
Nyaasahcare | We provide parenting Services to senior citizens, Parent2
Nyaasahcare | We provide Services to Senior Citizens, Lady thinking about parents
Wish I could tend to my parents in their sunset years
Rely upon our curated Saathis who are trained to care with empathy, keep them engaged in constructive activities, expose them to entertainment activities to re-live their youth, and be available 24x7 during any unforeseen emergency – in summary, help bridge the vacuum felt by children for their parents.
My parents could fall sick or injure themselves while alone - I shudder to think of it
In the event of any emergency at any hour, all they need to do is press the Red Button icon on our Nyaasah App and our structured 3-tier Emergency Response System will be activated to ensure maximum attention and support during the ‘Golden Hour’.
Growing older by the day, daily chores are a suffering for my parents- how can I help?
We will engage & support execution of daily chores right from online ordering of medicines & groceries to online payment of utility bills to organizing housekeeping activities like pest control, deep cleaning, plugging water leakage, etc.
How will my parents travel safely - they are vulnerable?
Our designated Saathi will help organize a hired cab, and also accompany them to reach their destination safely, including airport transfers, meeting family & friends, social events, etc.
How do I add more joy and smile in my parents' lives?
We have a large community of like-minded Senior Citizens and from time-to-time, we will provide platforms to keep them engaged in recreational & cultural activities ranging from picnics to movies / plays to group games to discourses.
How do I ensure I don’t have to take any obligations from family & friends ?
All our services including Empathy, Engagement, Entertainment & Emergency are provided by our curated Saathis or our Empanelled Partners, so that these Senior Citizens can live independently with dignity without having to seek any obligations from family & friends.
Feel so helpless being far away from my parents
That's the exact vacuum we endeavour to fill in, and we have structured our range of services that are much like how you would have supported them had you been around – we would like you to treat us as your extended arms.

Founder's Message

Ensuring Delight Across 4 Pillars

Nyaasahcare | We provide parenting Services to senior citizens, Old_lady_smiling
Nyaasahcare | We provide parenting Services to Senior Citizens, Founder's Message



Loneliness is not about being alone, rather it’s when one gets a feeling that there is nobody around them to provide care on a day-to-day basis. During such times, having a Go-To Saathi is what’s needed the most. At times, all these Senior Citizens need is someone to hold their hands, look in their eyes, and hear their insecurities Everything we do at Nyaasah is centred around Care with Empathy.

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Digital technologies are constantly evolving and making our lives simpler and more convenient. At Nyaasah, our endeavour is to embed technology in the daily chores of Senior Citizens so that they can have peace of mind. We help them overcome their inhibition towards technology adoption helping them with apps & gadgets, to simply connect with their loved ones, and also to pay their utility bills or order weekly necessities.

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Infusing joy into one’s life, by getting them to engage with like-minded Senior Citizens, are the memorable moments we aspire to create so that they re-live their youth. We encourage the Senior Citizens to be a part of our larger family and develop bonds with like minded people within the Nyaasah community. Enjoy a movie or a play of their choice, celebrate special occasions together, enjoy a game of housie or antakshari, or simply take an assisted walk in a park are activities that we enable with ease. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara!

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An Emergency is always unfortunate in terms of being sudden & severe. At such times, timely aid during the Golden Hour becomes the critical discerning factor between hope and despair. Even after evacuation to a nearby hospital, the patient needs to be supported for documentation and further course of medical treatment. At Nyaasah, we have Empanelled Partners to deliver a structured 3-tier Emergency Response System upon merely pressing a red button icon on our Nyaasah App. This will activate immediate evacuation, medical assistance, hospitalization support, invoking relevant insurance procedures and facilitating future course of medical treatment. Simply being aware that there is a Go-To Saathi to help out in any unforeseen emergency helps calm nerves and provide a sense of security to Senior Citizens on a day-to-day basis.

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Respite Care for Short Durations

Nyaasah Elder Care services In Mumbai, Last
Tending to seniors can be a taxing task and it calls upon you for taking short breaks to recharge your batteries. Bank upon Nyaasah Care to provide Respite Care whilst you are away for upto 10 days . Our unique way of personalised care during this period will ensure that your Seniors have nothing to complain about. They will always be well cared , safe and secure till you are back. This combined with regular updates will ensure that you can enjoy your break with a peace of mind unparalleled.

"Quality care for your loved one, peace of mind for you - that's what our Respite care service is all about."

Why Nyaasah

Nyaasahcare | We provide Comfort Services to Senior Citizens

We provide Care with Empathy to Senior Citizens in the Comfort of their Home, much like their own children would do.

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Nyaasahcare | We provide Clock Services to Senior Citizens

We have a structured 3-tier Emergency Response System with stringent service levels on a 24x7 basis so that SOS calls through Nyaasah App are addressed with the highest priority.

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Nyaasahcare | We provide Problem-Solving Services to Senior Citizens

We address end-to-end needs of Senior Citizens ranging from Empathy to Engagement to Entertainment to Emergency.

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Nyaasahcare | We provide Commerce Services to Senior Citizens

We provide a Phygital (Physical + Digital) Experience in terms of personalized services through dedicated Saathis + Convenience through a super App providing access to a wide bouquet of services.

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Nyaasahcare | We provide Team Services to Senior Citizens

Our Co-Founders come with a strong pedigree and a proven track record of Empathy & Flawless Execution.

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Nyaasahcare | We provide Target Services to Senior Citizens

We deploy curated Saathis with a deep sense of purpose & social bent of mind to deliver all services with Empathy at the core.

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