Frequently Asked Questions

What extent of services can I expect in case of medical emergencies ?
  • Emergency Response System :
    • 1st Step : Trigger through an emergency button on our App, or a distress call to our contact centre, or intimation received from neighbours / family / friends
    • 2nd Step : We will initiate 3 actions in parallel
      • Intimate nearest contact (from our database) to reach on top priority
      • Activate a third party empanelled service provider to reach with necessary paraphernalia for first-aid
      • Our Saathi will reach within a reasonable time frame
    • 3rd Step :
      • Decision on appropriate medical aid based on pre-agreed hospital list
      • Medical history
      • Insurance documents
      • Pre-loaded debit card
    • 4th Step :
      • Status update to Next of Kin (NoK) – at every stage
      • Decision on hospital attendant till treatment is complete
      • Police clearance, if necessary
      • Discharge formalities

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