Age is a Phantom


Strange as it may sound, old age arrives quite unexpectedly. As we transit through our middle age, our reactions slow down, visually we alter and the younger generation seems so different, yet our mind refuses to accept that age has crept up. Many a time, a severe illness can incapacitate you and bring home the stark reality which precludes you from taking care of yourself, and for prolonged periods. Maybe it is this denial state that prevents quite a few of us from ageing gracefully. Except those who accept it, plan for it and take some meaningful decisions. There are certain things that need to be done when we are still fit and in our senses. The most obvious thing is that you need to move in with your kids - easier said than done, since it would mean relocating to a new place, a foreign country maybe, letting go of a safe and secure eco-system built over the years around your present abode and then, of course, is the adjustment difficulty of staying with your children and on how you have nurtured that relationship in all the previous years, more so with their spouses.

Hence if one feels that leaving the confines of your house is not only impractical but beset with difficulties as well, then it is important that we strengthen our eco-system even further. Such as getting someone who can take care of you as much as your own child would, having access to the most prompt and dependable medical emergency systems, securing a comprehensive insurance cover, and above all ensuring that you have a larger family around you which ensures that you enjoy and look forward to each day of your life. The zeal, zing and fun in your life should remain unchanged and if possible, turn for the better. Please remember that you have looked after so many when you were younger and now it is time you looked after yourself even if it costs money. You deserve to be Happy!!

Author - Arvind Gangoly

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