Carve A Niche for Yourself


Many of us who have led an active professional life come to a certain crossroads, wherein choosing a path for the future is indeed a predicament. Having been so actively involved in decision-making and operations it is therefore not very palatable when the organization deems you fit for consulting and mentoring roles only, both of which are advisory in nature.

I’m young, I’m fit, I’m qualified and I have the experience, then who are you to decide what I should do?

But then the young and the younger must come in and will keep coming in, forcing me to make way for them.

What must I do? Do I re-engineer myself, or do I continue to be a decision-maker?

Every individual often has a passion to work in a field of their choice with deep-buried wishes and interests that have been subdued or have been lying dormant. At this stage, you feel suddenly awakened and driven by the desire to generate more value, not just for yourself but for others in society. All the above will be true If you could lead or partake in a venture that draws its strength from the pillars of Empathy Engagement, Entertainment, and Emergency response, an organization that places a premium on your experience, trust, and a deep sense of responsibility.

Here is a whole world of seniors who are beckoning you to take charge of their lives. Bring happiness to them as a friend and well-wisher, basis your reputation, achievements, and personality gained. Treat them as you would treat your own parents and see how much happiness it brings to you and it will be worth more than their weight in gold!!

Finds Art in organizing lives for those who need it and is Co-Founder at NyaasahCare LLP

Author - Aditi Gangoly

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